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Journal of Communication Practices

Volume 2 Number 2 July 2005
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Volume 2 Number 1 January 2005
Volume 2 Number 2 July 2005
Volume 3 Number 1 January 2006
Volume 3 Number 2 July 2006
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1   Editorial
3   The Malaysian Print Media: The Role of Newspapers in Mediating Language Policy
Subra Govindasamy
Mohana Nambiar
25   Legitimizing the Current Order: Ideology and Identity in Discourse
Zuraidah Mohd Don
47   Communicative Language Testing: A Review
Md. Mujibur Rahman
59   Language Maintenance and Language Loss: A Study of the Maintenance of Minority Language among Recent Immigrants in Brisbane
Asma Siddiq Bhatti
75   Managing Business Education in Management Education: Issues and Dimensions
Pramod Pathak
Saumya Singh
85  Intercultural Language Education in China: Problems and Prospect
Wang Ge
Zhou Zhen
99 Book Review
     Effective Technical Communication

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